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Suggested Readings (IR and Data Mining):

Experiments on the determination of the relationships between terms

Retrieval System Evaluation Using Recall and Precision: Problems and Answers

Impact of Decision-Region based classification Mining Algorithms on Database Security

Extended Boolean query processing in the Generalized Vector Space Model

Data Mining: Trends in Research and Development

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Fall 2013 CSCE 561 Web Page

Spring 2014 CSCE 566 Web Page

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Current Research Projects:

Visual & Decision Informatics I/UCRC

Laboratory for Internet Computing (LINC) Page

Metasearch Engine System Evaluation

·         AllInOneNews:A News Search Metasearch Engine

Special Issues Guest Edited:

Neurocomputing- Special Issue on Advances in Web Intelligence

Journal on Information Fusion- Special Issue on Web Information Fusion

J. Amer. Society for Information Science & Technology: Special Issue on Data Mining

Editors' Introduction- IEEE Computer Magazine- Special Issue on Content Based Image Retrieval Systems

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